August 28, 2014

Chilly Jilly'z One Year Anniversary Party in Boulder City, Nevada

Chilly Jilly’z One Year Party ~ This Weekend

Man, life goes by fast. This weekend marks the one year anniversary of the opening of Chilly Jilly'z, if you can believe that! To celebrate - they're loading up a 20' … [More...]

Boulder City Airport in Boulder City, Nevada

BC Launders Stuff…Airport Stuff!

Here's an interesting tidbit I ran across on the web the other's an article about what happens to the 'lost and surrendered' property at a bunch of … [More...]

Scratch House Construction in Boulder City, Nevada

Update on Scratch House Restaurant

Sweet - an update from Scratch House itself! True to their promise of keeping BC Social Fans in the know as soon as they have good scoop - here's the latest timeline for … [More...]

Welcome Archway Flashback in Boulder City, Nevada

Flashback Friday: BC’s Welcome Banner

Fan Jim Widner recently sent me a Fan-TABULOUS comparison shot of the current "Boulder City Welcome Archway" and what the welcome banner looked like in the early to … [More...]

Boulder City Council Ice Bucket Challenge

The Icing of Our Mayor, Council & Manager

Well, a BIG thank you to Bret Runion for calling out the Mayor, every member of the City Council and the City Manager for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...this was … [More...]

Monsoon Clouds in Boulder City, Nevada

Mysteries of Summer Weather Program ~ Sat

Feels like it's going to start pouring like a mad-man in Boulder City any minute now, right? And it's August! If you occasionally ponder why so much rain can fall … [More...]