November 22, 2014

Gold Prospectors in Boulder City, Nevada

Gold Prospecting Adventure Tours

I have the FEVER! And all it took was one look at those lovely little flecks of yes, GOLD! I finally had a chance to swing by and see what "Gold Rush Prospecting" was … [More...]

Southwest Diner Feast Giveaway in Boulder City, Nevada

Southwest Diner Feast Giveaway!

Hah! Who would like to skip all that shopping and cooking for Thanksgiving Dinner and have it done for ya?! Surprise! Our friends at Southwest Diner thought it would … [More...]

Chickens in Boulder City, NV

Chickengate 2014: They’re In!

So it's a Yes for chickens in residential neighborhoods after last week's City Council meeting. Despite a recommendation that the number of chickens be reduced to 6 … [More...]

The Bistro in Boulder City, NV

The Bistro Has Now Reopened

Good News! I heard last week from Fan Kelly Fox that The Bistro had re-opened, so I swung by there on the weekend to confirm and yep - they are! They said they are … [More...]

Boulder City Cemetery Cleanup Project

Eagle Scouting at Boulder City Cemetery

I always love hearing about Eagle Scout projects where our finest of Boulder City youth make an outstanding difference in the community...and this is one of them. On … [More...]

Blankets For Blaze 2014 in Boulder City, Nevada

Blankets for Blaze on Fox 5 News

It's that time of year again to clean out the closets and bring some warmies out to support Blankets for Blaze! Here's a piece from the Fox 5 Vegas newscast last night … [More...]