September 21, 2014

Natural Asbestos in Boulder City, Nevada

No Asbestos Problem To Impede I-11

This is one of those cases where sensationalist news makes the front page of every paper and news outlet...but the "well, not really" article gets buried, I … [More...]

Chilly Jillyz Patio in Boulder City, Nevada

Sneak Peek at Chilly Jilly’z New Patio

Okay - I'm a gal in the know on what's happening inside the patio construction area over at Chilly Jilly'z (which used to be the outdoor garden of Ladybug Nursery before … [More...]

Boulder City High School Leadership

BCHS’s New Leadership Is Announced

Last week, CCSD officially promoted Amy C. Wagner (formerly the Assistant Principal) into the Principal position at Boulder City High School. Here's an excerpt from … [More...]

Gourmet Burger in Boulder City, Nevada

Gourmet Burgers Won’t Be Opening

Well, it's quite the week for restaurant news, as a few fans have reported that a "For Rent" sign has re-appeared in the window of what was to be a "Gourmet Burger" … [More...]

The Bistro in Boulder City, Nevada

The Bistro: Closed Temporarily or For Good?

A few fans have reported that The Bistro has been closed all this past week (I noticed it was dark on the night of the 8th) and I was able to get unofficial confirmation … [More...]

Fiddlesticks in Boulder City, Nevada

Boulder City Florist Moving to Fiddlesticks

Wow, it didn't take long for the Fiddlesticks space to get turned around with a brand new tenant...because it seems that Boulder City Florist will be moving from Marshall … [More...]