November 29, 2014

About Boulder City Social

What is Boulder City Social?

Well, its beginnings stretch back to a few comical posts I made to my personal Facebook wall about the culture shock I was experiencing after moving to Boulder City from Los Angeles.  Oh my…small town life took some getting used to…but I wouldn’t move away now for just about anything!

Boulder City Social Facebook Fan PageI found myself enjoying posting about the town (which now made my LA friends wishing they lived here) and decided that a wider audience would be fun, so I started an official Facebook page on April 1st of 2010.  Knowing they had strong Facebook Fan followings, I emailed Amy Arnaz of the Boulder Theatre and Todd Cook of the Boulder Dam Brewing Company (neither of whom I knew) to ask if they would become Fans of my page and being nice folks, of course, they said yes.  That’s pretty much all it took because the Boulder City Social Facebook Fan Page had over 1,000 Fans in the first 10 days.  Pretty cool!

After the Fan page reached 2,000 Fans in December 2010, ideas for what else we could do with the page kept popping up…but most of them required a “bigger” space outside of the Facebook environment.  The added benefit to building a ‘companion’ website would be that we could start sharing our fun Facebook community with the many people who weren’t on Facebook…so I threw together this little website on Super Bowl Sunday, 2011!

If my description of “throwing this together in a day” amuses or amazes you…know that for my real job (you know, the one that pays the mortgage), I’m a freelance web designer, social media strategist and trainer/speaker though Signature Digital Design…so whipping out websites was in my wheelhouse. And my name is Kathy, btw — nice to meet you!

Between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – Boulder City Social has an audience of more than 6,000 Fans and Followers…but if social media isn’t your thing (or you’re just not on it regularly), I compile the entire week’s posts each Wednesday and send out the weekly eNewsletter via a single email. You can take a look at a sample of one and sign up for the email list by clicking here.