February 14, 2016

About Boulder City Social

What Exactly IS Boulder City Social?!

Oh, just a place for fun, social chit-chat about the AWESOME town of Boulder City, Nevada…that sums it up the best, I think!  It’s a fun website where I post updates about what’s happening in town … usually 5 days a week.  The 6th day is for the eNewsletter and the 7th is well…my day off!  The Facebook page is where most of the action happens – it’s fun and friendly with guidelines about not being the right place for … well, bad behavior.

About Boulder City SocialBoulder City Social grew out of a few comical posts that I made to my personal Facebook page about the initial culture shock that comes with moving from Los Angeles to a small town like Boulder City.

My friends back home were enjoying my updates and so I decided to move it from my personal page to a fan page and after a few strategic steps to jump start my fan base – I had over 1,000 fans in 10 days!

Just a side note…my ‘real job’ is being a social media strategist and trainer as Social & Media Vegas (www.socialandmediavegas.com), so that probably sheds a little more light on how Boulder City Social’s Facebook presence came to be what it is today.

After hitting 2,000 fans, I needed a bigger playground than just having a Facebook page, so I built a website at www.bouldercitysocial.com to go along with it. Another quick side note for ya…I was a full-time web designer before jumping into the social media game and although I still build a handful of websites each year, I mostly act as a freelance consultant between other web design companies and their clients these days.

The upside of the website is that I could start creating a weekly eNewsletter for all the folks who aren’t on social media, so between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Weekly eNews Summary – everyone can be a part of my insanity!

And there you have it!  That’s a little bit of history for ya.  Unless you were looking for my name…which is Kathy!  If you’re looking to contact me, you can do that through the website’s contact form by clicking here … see ya around town!