August 29, 2014

Fan Photo by Natasha Mirshak

Fan Photo in Boulder City, Nevada by Natasha Mirshak

I was cruisin’ through my “Fan Photo Library” to pick out a photo for the new cover shot and this one by Natasha Mirshak seemed really appropriate! Why, you ask? Because it’s Labor Day weekend in just two days and somebody’s gonna have to tell him it’s a fashion faux pas to wear white next […]

Chilly Jilly’z One Year Party ~ This Weekend

Chilly Jilly'z One Year Anniversary Party in Boulder City, Nevada

Man, life goes by fast. This weekend marks the one year anniversary of the opening of Chilly Jilly’z, if you can believe that! To celebrate – they’re loading up a 20′ water slide in the parking lot for the kids, giving out free cotton candy (as long as the supplies last disclaimer here, of course) […]

BC Launders Stuff…Airport Stuff!

Boulder City Airport in Boulder City, Nevada

Here’s an interesting tidbit I ran across on the web the other day…it’s an article about what happens to the ‘lost and surrendered’ property at a bunch of airports…it comes to Boulder City for sorting, photographing, putting on eBay, and selling! It seems that trucks pick up bins full of items from Sacramento, San Jose, […]

Update on Scratch House Restaurant

Scratch House Construction in Boulder City, Nevada

Sweet – an update from Scratch House itself! True to their promise of keeping BC Social Fans in the know as soon as they have good scoop – here’s the latest timeline for the opening of the restaurant! Construction will officially commence this Tuesday, August 26th – they’ve just received the green light from the […]

Flashback Friday: BC’s Welcome Banner

Welcome Archway Flashback in Boulder City, Nevada

Fan Jim Widner recently sent me a Fan-TABULOUS comparison shot of the current “Boulder City Welcome Archway” and what the welcome banner looked like in the early to mid-1930′s…it’s AWESOME! The archive photo is from the Manis Collection at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, University Libraries and here is what the description says: “An […]

The Icing of Our Mayor, Council & Manager

Boulder City Council Ice Bucket Challenge

Well, a BIG thank you to Bret Runion for calling out the Mayor, every member of the City Council and the City Manager for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge…this was something to behold! I DO believe that there has been a VERY CLEAR declaration of payback against one Boulder City resident though…anyone notice a common […]

Mysteries of Summer Weather Program ~ Sat

Monsoon Clouds in Boulder City, Nevada

Feels like it’s going to start pouring like a mad-man in Boulder City any minute now, right? And it’s August! If you occasionally ponder why so much rain can fall during the hottest time of the year, and why our thunder and lightening storms become so intense during the summer months of July and August…you […]

Peek Inside Mr. Pawn’s New Location

Mr. Pawn in Boulder City, Nevada

Mr. Pawn relocated from Marshall Plaza to Red Mountain Plaza – so they’re now exactly across the street from where they were…good location for them next to the Rebel station with all the traffic over there. I popped in to take some photos and learned something interesting about Boulder City while I was there. It […]

Fan Photo: Hoover Dam by Larry Finn

Fan Photo of Hoover Dam near Boulder City, Nevada by Larry Finn

Hey, how about THIS amazing photo sent in from Larry Finn?? Truth be told, I’ve had it for a while and think it’s even on the website home page slideshow, but when I was looking for this week’s photo – I couldn’t resist putting it out there for ya’ll to enjoy. Truly, a SPECTACULAR show […]

Fiddlesticks Quilt Shop Closing

Fiddlesticks Quilt Shop in Boulder City, Nevada

I saw a “Closing Sale” sign posted in the window of Fiddlesticks last week and although I haven’t had a chance to stop in, have confirmed that the shop will be closing at the end of August after almost two decades in its Arizona Street location because the owner is relocating. They are currently clearing […]