February 7, 2016

Why It’s Bad to Scare A Desert Tortoise

Brok Armantrout Tortoise in Boulder City, Nevada

In the 8 years I’ve lived in Nevada, I STILL haven’t crossed paths with a desert tortoise in the wild – so I was jealous when Fan Brok Armantrout said he’d recently passed by one on the road up near Bootleg Canyon. I asked him to share the close-up photo that I was certain he’d […]

February’s Adorable Adoptable Pets!

Cattitude - Adoptable Pets in Boulder City, Nevada

Well, we are adopting these pets out to wonderful new forever homes like it’s goin’ out of STYLE! Today, we only have 1 dog and 3 cats up at animal shelter who are available for adoption – just wait a few seconds and the Facebook photo gallery will load up below … click on it […]

What To Do When 9-1-1 Doesn’t Work

911 Emergency in Boulder City, Nevada

I don’t what it is about finding myself in situations this last year where a 9-1-1 call is necessary. I’m an emergency magnet, it would seem! However, I was driving up Veterans’ Memorial Highway on Sunday when I spied a couple of folks trying to help an elderly gentleman who had crashed on his bicycle, […]

Win A Gift Certificate or His/Her Watches from Oro & Jewelers!

Oro Jewelers in Boulder City, Nevada Contest

Valentine’s Day isn’t too far around the corner and so when I was chatting with Oro & Jewelers about what fun thing they could do for Boulder City Social Fans, we came up with not one, but TWO giveaways for ya! First – jewelry preference is SO personal, we thought that the best thing to […]

Snow At Bootleg … Let’s Cancel This Monday!

Snow in Boulder City, Nevada - February 2016

I TOTALLY think all work and school should be cancelled and everyone should be able to call this Monday an excused snow day … who’s with me?! After Fan Kat Rochelle posted on the Facebook page if anyone had photos of the snow, we shared it out and Jeremy Jensen posted a photo that Joel […]

Lake Mead Photo Gallery from the RJ

Lake Mead Kayaker near Boulder City, Nevada

Ran across this photo gallery on the Las Vegas Review Journal’s website a couple of days ago – it’s a photo gallery of “what Lake Mead and the people going to it have looked like over the decades”. Just CLICK HERE and then on the black & white photo to open the gallery… Note: the […]

Haggen Signs Come Down

Haggen Signs Down in Boulder City, Nevada

Fan Christy Springgate-Hill mentioned that the old Vons store was being “de-Haggenized” on Wednesday, so we grabbed this photo. Actually – it looks as if the curbside sign was just turned around because you can still read “Haggen” backwards through the plastic. We’re hoping that the plywood was a temporary measure while the building was […]

Video of Mayor’s Vision Statement

Boulder City Mayor's Vision Statement 2016 for Boulder City, Nevada

Aside from reviewing the list of accomplishments and various other newsworthy items, Mayor Rod Woodbury rolled out his Vision Statement for his term as Boulder City’s latest elected leader. The entire State of the City address is available on the City’s YouTube Channel here and the video below is the 18 minute clip of Mayor […]

12th Annual Dam Short Film Festival

Dam Short Film Festival 2016 in Boulder City, Nevada

The 12th Annual Dam Short Film Festival kicks off two weeks from today!  This year’s dates are from February 10th – 13th and the entire schedule of film programs has already been posted on their website … just click here to check it out. Program tickets are $9 each and can be purchased online by […]

How to Get Power Outage Notifications

Power Outage Coverage Map for Boulder City, Nevada

A special notice was issued by the City of Boulder City yesterday afternoon about last night’s planned power outage due to an issue that needed to be addressed at the electrical substation located between Buchanan Dr. and Royal Birkdale Dr. (see map below for the coverage area). We posted it on the Boulder City Social […]