July 31, 2015

Albertsons Coupon Exchange Expansion

Albertsons Coupon Exchange in Boulder City, NVIf you’ve been in Albertsons lately, you’ve no doubt run right into the new and improved Coupon Exchange bins because they’ve moved them away from the Customer Service desk and right in the center of the path to the produce section.

Good move, because it’s reminding people to stop and take a look through them and also to bring in coupons they aren’t going to use. There is a “Coupon Donation” bin in the upper left corner and that’s where you can drop off coupons you don’t want…Albertsons will sort them into the correct bins for you…which is good, since they know what products are located where throughout the store.

So be sure to bring in coupons from the paper or mailed advertisements you don’t need and contribute them to the coupon cause!

P.S. – The in-store event for this coming weekend is that the folks from 1888 BBQ Sauce (based in Henderson, NV) will be doing tastings of their sauces and rubs on Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 3pm.