February 10, 2016

Distracted Driving Enforcement ~ Next 2 Weekends

Police in Rearview MirrorChannel 13 ran a piece a couple of days ago (and it is also in this morning’s Boulder City Review) that it’s Boulder City’s turn to host the “Joining Forces” program this coming weekend (April 7-8) and next weekend (April 14-15) – so keep an eye out!

“Joining Forces” is the program where neighboring police departments assist each other in providing traffic enforcement one community at a time – the goal being to raise awareness by citing distracted and speeding drivers.

No, it’s not intended to be a surprise (hence why it’s on the news and in the paper)…but rather a reminder that around 6,000 folks died in 2010 because of distracted driving and that so far in 2012, we’re up 25% in the number of traffic fatalities in Nevada.

So this weekend…next weekend and every other day for that matter — keeping the pedal off the metal and eye on the road here in BC is the best way to drive!