February 12, 2016

Mail Sorting Process at BC Post Office

Wanna see how the mail gets sorted out to the good folks of Boulder City, Nevada? I was cruisin’ through the back of the post office and asked if I could grab a shot for ya.

Each address has its own slot – ordered by the mail truck route.  The plastic bars in some slots indicate different things:

  • Red = Customer has a post office box
  • Blue = Vacant property
  • Yellow = On Vacation Hold
  • Green = Check the Forwards

So that’s how they keep track of knowing when you go out of town and don’t want your mail delivered…pretty interesting.

And here’s another tidbit — our Postmaster, Shirley Roland, is retiring this Tuesday, July 31st — so if you know her and want to say goodbye — you’ve only got a couple of days!

Boulder City Post Office Mail Sorting