February 8, 2016

No More Tortoise Pickups by the Conservation Center

Desert Tortoise Eating in Boulder City, NevadaI’m a little obsessed with desert tortoises right now, I’ll admit it.  My post last week (here) about the 18-inch high fence to protect them from Phase 1 of the Boulder City Bypass started it.

Then last week, the Las Vegas Review Journal published an article (here) reporting that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife facility has stopped picking up pet and stray tortoises and doesn’t want any more dropped off.

There is an important piece of info on the sidebar which advises that Lied Animal Shelter is now accepting the unwanted or stray desert tortoises that used to be taken by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Lied can be reached at (702) 384-3333 and the shelter is at 655 N. Mojave Road.

There is also a great website that Fan Kara Chaney posted to the Facebook page — it’s www.tortoisegroup.org and really cool.  They’ve got an online booket here that I’m going to read before I decide if I can handle the responsibility of something that will outlive me!