February 12, 2016

Pedestrian Safety Crosswalk Enforcement

Crosswalks in Boulder City, NVYou might remember a post I did back in March of 2011 about the crosswalk that had been painted in front of McDonald’s and how some Fans thought it was a dangerous place to put it. (You can find that post again by clicking here).

Seems that far too many cars are not giving pedestrians the right of way in this spot and with all the recent pedestrian fatalities, BCPD did some pedestrian safety law enforcement at that crosswalk yesterday. Channel 13 News covered it as part of their big “Crosswalk Danger” campaign, so you can watch the news piece on yesterday’s event by clicking here.

In the news piece, one of the reasons drivers give is that they just don’t see the pedestrians, which seems perfectly reasonable since we all talked about this in a post over a year ago. I know our friends in Public Works have their hands full with the Nevada Way Revitalization Project right now…but I’ll shoot an email over there to find out if NDOT ever made any progress with their study about what do to for that crosswalk to make it safer. That would be cool.

I struggled all day trying to decide whether or not to post this because writing anything about what the BCPD does usually brings out a few negative Facebook comments — but I decided that most of you would rather know what’s going on…so here it is and we’ll see how this goes!